Vserv.mobi Launches AppWrapper.org to Revolutionize SDK Integration for Android Developers

Independent platform automates SDK integration across advertising, in-app purchases, analytics, bug tracking and more, with Flurry, BugSense, Google Analytics, AppRater and others

Mumbai/Bangalore, 15 November 2013 – Vserv.mobi, an award winning mobile advertising exchange across emerging markets, today announced the launch of AppWrapper.org, an innovative platform for Android app developers that automates the integration of multiple software development kits (SDKs) without any coding effort. The new AppWrapper is designed to enable crucial app development lifecycle services, such as ad monetization, analytics, bug tracking and in-app purchases, in just one click, allowing app developers to significantly accelerate their time-to-market.

The new AppWrapper is optimized for Android given its status as one of the most widely accepted and used OS platforms. According to the latest mobile device report from IDC, Android dominates the market share in global smartphone shipments at more than 80 percent. Estimates by IDC suggest that Android smartphone shipments grew by 51.3 percent between Q3 2012 and Q3 2013.

“The new AppWrapper.org platform is based on the business insight that developers are integrating multiple SDKs into their apps, which often takes valuable time and effort that could have been spent improving the core functionality of the app instead,” said Binay Tiwari, Director, Global Marketing and Product, Vserv.mobi. “AppWrapper.org aims to resolve this situation by offering developers a powerful platform to rapidly integrate multiple SDKs without any coding effort. While the original AppWrapper only enabled the Vserv.mobi ad SDK, with the launch of the new platform, we’re leveraging our patent-pending technology to help developers integrate multiple partner SDKs, with the same innovative one click approach.”

Since its initial launch three years ago, AppWrapper has won many awards, including MMA Smarties, mBillionth, Red Herring Top 100 Asia, Mobby’s and others for its innovative technology. The AppWrapper has powered app monetization for more than 20,000 apps and games, including those from Disney India, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Herocraft and other top developers. It works seamlessly in conjunction with any existing monetization tool already integrated into the app to boost the revenues and capabilities of the app, without the developer having to worry about compatibility.

In addition to monetization, the new AppWrapper is designed to automatically integrate multiple services such as analytics, bug tracking and user engagement, significantly reducing development cycles. Key services enabled by the new AppWrapper include:

  • Monetization: Enables mobile app developers to start earning from their app users through business models such as premium advertising and in-app purchases
    • Example: Premium RTB ads, Google Play Store in-app purchases
  • Analytics: Allows developers to understand and measure audience reach, engagement, retention, conversions, revenue and more
    • Example: Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics, ApSalar
  • Bug Tracking: Allows developers to collect live crash reports, get feedback from app users, distribute beta versions and provide test coverage analysis
    • Example: BugSense, HockeyApp, Crittercism
  • User Engagement: Enables developers to engage with app users to increase usage through timely notifications, App Rating reminders and more
    • Example: AppRater, Cloud2Device Messaging

“At Vserv.mobi, we are proud to launch an industry-wide initiative that helps reduce developer pain points,” said Lance Johnson, Vice President, Business Development, North America at Vserv.mobi. “We look forward to further developing AppWrapper.org and expanding our SDK partnerships to include new categories to offer developers greater choice and functionality.”

Founded in 2010, Vserv.mobi has been at the forefront of innovation in the mobile advertising sphere in line with its goal of becoming the #1 mobile ad exchange across emerging markets. Since its inception, the company has pushed technology boundaries in order to solve the unmet challenges of global app developers.

For more information and to download the new AppWrapper, please visit
https://appwrapper.org or https://appwrapper.org/press

About AppWrapper.org
AppWrapper.org is an independent platform that brings one-click integration of SDKs for app developers across advertising, in-app purchases, analytics, bug tracking and more. By completely automating the SDK integration process, the platform enables app developers to significantly accelerate their time-to-market for mobile apps. The platform supports crucial app development lifecycle services including RTB based Ads, Google Analytics, Flurry, Apsalar, Hockeyapp, Bugsense, AppRater, Cloud2Device Messaging, Crittercism and more. AppWrapper™ has powered App Monetization for over 20,000 apps and has won many awards, including MMA Smarties, mBillionth, Red Herring Top 100 Asia, Mobby’s and others for its technology innovation. Visit www.appwrapper.org for more details.

About Vserv.mobi
Vserv.mobi is an award winning mobile advertising exchange focused on emerging markets that maximizes the value of mobile media for advertisers, developers, publishers and operators. Powered by the award winning AudiencePro™ and AppWrapper™ platforms, Vserv.mobi has delivered mobile advertising experiences for leading Fortune 500 brands anddigital media companies, across 200 countries. AudiencePro™ leverages privacy compliant operator subscriber data and user profiling, to enable credible audience targeting capabilities on the Vserv.mobi advertising exchange. AppWrapper™ is an independent platform that brings one-click integration of SDKs for app developers across advertising, in-app purchases, analytics, bug tracking and more. The company has a global presence, with offices across USA, UK, South Africa, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Vietnam. Funded by IDG ventures, Vserv.mobi was founded in January 2010. Visit www.vserv.mobi for more details.

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